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June 25th, 2018 by admin

Network Cables on Fiber Optic Background

We at ETI understand the importance of managing your cables to maximize your system's efficiency. That without proper up-to-date cabling you could be hurting your business by potentially having slow downs, or worse – completely stopped traffic with old cable systems. Since we understand why this is a important part of your businesses we offer a variety of services from structured cabling, fiber networks, and Sound / Security / Visual.

To start we'll cover what these services are, and what they can do for you, we’ll start with structured cabling. The term “structured cabling” is a system governed by established standards and specified installation procedures. These standards allow architects, construction managers, building owners and tenants use without having to know the specifics about brand names of wire, panels, jacks, faceplates, etc. So that means that we design and maintain cable plants to meet these standards.

Fiber networks rely on fiber-optic cables. These allow for higher bandwidth and longer transmission data than traditional copper cabling. This is making it an industry standard since it can be a prevention to data backlog and as well as be a cost-effective solution for businesses. So you can see why this a important part of what we offer.

Lastly we have the final part of our cabling solutions, Sound / Security / Visual. It’s just like the name implies, wiring for sound systems, background music, sound masking, security, video, and even paging. We have over 30 years of history of providing cabling of this nature to a variety of businesses. So you can trust our engineers to get what you need done and get it done with a high level of quality given from years of experience. So take advantage of what we offer and contact us so we can install a cable system to meet your needs.

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