Cost-Saving Benefits of SIP Trunking

August 19th, 2019 by admin

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Previously, we discussed how you could get rid of your phone bill by switching to SIP Trunks. Not only can you cut down on those pesky monthly bills and expensive hardware and maintenance costs, but the savings extend far beyond the simple move from premises-based PBX or copper to SIP trunking; the switch can save your business hundreds in the long term, inevitably allowing you to utilize more resources into other vital realms of your business. Here are a few cost-saving benefits SIP Trunks have to offer:

  • Eliminates high taxes and reduces the fees on long-distance or international calls. Traditional phones typically require multiple fees and high rates on international calls as well as calls made within the US. As these charges start compiling, they inevitably suck your business dry of its resources. With internet-based SIP Trunks, you avoid paying those high tariffs and any extra fees.
  • No more connecting to Analog or traditional phone lines. Traditional telecom trunks like POTS analog phone lines require that you pay for backup lines every single month, whether your business uses them or not as well as failover; these connection costs are unnecessary with SIP, and saves your business over 70% in inefficient equipment costs.
  • Calls from different office locations are completely free. With traditional on-premises phones, you are subject to charges within the US no matter what, but with SIP Trunks, internal calls within your office locations are free regardless of where they are within the US.
  • SIP allows for connections to the cloud, so you get additional features that can save you even more. Cloud-based connectivity provides your phones with a ton of added features as well as smooth migration to solutions like cloud PBX or unified-communications-as-a-service (USaaS).

SIP Trunks allow for easy and flexible expansion to the cloud for businesses that plan on scaling. Features that come with SIP trunks and cloud phones include long-distance support, added features like call recording, email, texts, and much more. Are you ready to make the change from your analog trunks to SIP? Enterprise Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has the experts to get your business set up with the best solution possible. Contact us today!

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