Get Rid of Your Phone Bill with SIP

December 7th, 2018 by admin

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Whether you are a traveling business owner or you’re a working mother, it is essential for all companies to understand the power of having a flexible and affordable communications system that can move where you go. With our managed phone system solution, you will receive both flexibility and amazing features without having to pay upfront for your phone system. At Enterprise Technologies, Inc., we provide one simple solution that eliminates having multiple service providers and being under several contracts. As a result, you pay less for your voice system and have a single provider, us, who takes care of everything for you.

SIP Trunking in the cloud is the new way to go with voice communications for business. It allows for international and domestic calls at no extra cost, access to the internet for emails and texting, and a less complex implementation that makes it easier for any IT Team to handle and maintain. By replacing standard phone systems and eliminating carrier services with SIP Trunks, you will frequently enjoy significant cost savings. Some of the other advantages you will receive include:

  • better protection from outside risks due to SIP’s centralized acces
  • automatic updates
  • controlled IP authorization
  • 2-way gateway to your switched phone network
  • and provisional channels used to deal with spiked call volumes.

Usually, getting a SIP Trunk system would require that you also have good internet access, and an IP enabled hosted PBX system, resulting in having multiple carriers and providers, but at Enterprise Technologies, Inc., we set up everything so you have a seamless and trustworthy solution that will ultimately save you money. Building the best voice communication and network infrastructure for your business is what we specialize in, so contact us today and let’s get started.

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