How Remote Network Monitoring Can Benefit Your Business

June 15th, 2019 by admin

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Remote network monitoring is a solution that involves maintenance, e-monitoring, and support for your entire IT systems; this service allows a business to focus more on its operations, even freeing up resources that can be used for other aspects of the company. Remote monitoring and management, otherwise known as RMM, guarantees that updates and upgrades are completed regularly, ensures storage availability, and enables your data and information to remain safe and secure. Many businesses utilize RMM because of the numerous advantages that it provides, which include:

  • Improved security. Hackers and cybercriminals know the best times to initiate an attack on a business. Typically, when the office has closed, and there are no techs around monitoring the networks, attackers easily find ways to attach themselves and hide, extracting information without you ever knowing; even once operations start again. With remote monitoring and management, your systems remain equipped with the most effective security solutions to keep out sneaky attacks. Networks are monitored 24/7, day and night, to keep threats and potential risks at bay.
  • Practically eliminates downtime. Extended downtime can cost a business millions in lost profits, which results from lost customers, decreased productivity, delayed operations; potentially even resulting in a company’s downfall, if a resolution isn’t met in time. With remote management, your systems are always guarded, so the second an issue arises, it is immediately addressed and handled on the spot by remote support. If you call for a problem, chances are it has already been resolved. This significantly reduces downtime and latency for your networks and systems.
  • Saves your business money. RMM has a high return on investment for businesses. With a remote team continually monitoring and running your network operations, there is no need to have an on-site IT team or maintain your hardware; everything is done for you remotely and at a predictable monthly rate.
  • Scales with your business and improves operational productivity. RMM grows along with your business; if you are a small business that is expanding, increasing in team members and employees, remote management will ensure that your systems can handle the increased demand on the networks. Also, with reduced downtime, outages, and latency, operational productivity is enhanced and more efficient.

At Enterprise Technologies, Inc. (ETI), we provide 24/7/365 managed IT and network monitoring day and night to ensure that your data remains protected and secure. Our managed IT solution comes with systems and software upgrades, patch management, storage availability, advanced firewall protection, network firmware, and more. With our remote monitoring and management solution, we combine automation with human support to ensure optimum performance for your entire IT systems.

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