Making Video Calling Easy with the Cloud

June 13th, 2018 by admin

Video Conference

In today’s busy world, time can be of the essence. Bosses always need something to have been done yesterday and customers want immediate feedback on projects. That makes close and easy collaboration between team members more important than ever. But why waste time and money trying to get everyone in the same meeting room at the same time?

Video conferencing provides the face-to-face experience needed for good communication, without the high cost of travel. But as many managers know, video conferencing software can be expensive and is often limited to specific rooms or applications with little to no helpful features. That’s where cloud video calls come in. ETI works closely with our partners to provide an affordable video solution that helps your team stay mobile and connected at the same time.

Our cloud solution replaces those stand-alone video conferencing systems with a unified communication solution that integrates all your collaboration tools into one central application. Thanks to the cloud, you can access video calls from any device, anytime. Join the team meeting from home when the kids are sick or from the conference hotel and never miss a beat. All you need is an internet connection to video chat with your colleagues. This is especially important for critical project deadlines, when every day counts.

What’s more, you can easily share files and presentations with the press of a button and keep everyone on the same page. Switch quickly from video to voice and back to video or from desktop to mobile devices. Everything is set up with the needs of business users in mind. This is only one small part of a larger cloud solution for communications.

So, contact us today for a demonstration!

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