Our Security System Protects Your Business Inside and Out

October 4th, 2018 by admin

Security Camera on Background of Binary Code

Security is often thought of as protecting one's place, whether that place is a home or business, from external threats. To keep someone from breaking into it or to help catch whoever did it. However, sometimes threats have already entered and have yet to reveal themselves. That's why, regardless of profession, we know the importance of having security systems placed inside your building.

It doesn't matter if you're a small convince store or a practicing doctor with his own office, security cameras could change the outcome of a terrible situation. Did you know that the number one lawsuit issue facing doctors' offices today is a slip/fall, which is typically settled out of court? All because they didn't have surveillance cameras on site. Imagine now how much of a difference a security camera could make in reducing the number of fraudulent claims made in your office. With facial recognition, eye-tracking, night-time recognition, record on motion, and storage up to 180 days, it will be hard for anyone to get away with things not only outside your place of work but inside as well.

So don't just think that a security system on the front of the building is enough to protect you. Truly protect yourself from not only potential crime, but also fraudulent claims with a security system indoors equipped with the best technology has to offer. Get peace of mind with ETI and stay protected.

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