Sound and Noise at the Office

February 28th, 2018 by admin

Meeting room behind glass

As you go through your day, you might not realize how often sound plays a factor in your work and lifestyle. There's music in restaurants and stores, alerts and information over the paging system, audio equipment for your business conferences, and too much sound, or rather noise, coming from colleagues at the office. At ETI, we have sound solutions that address all of this and more.

Thanks to our 20+ years of experience with the design and installation of audio visual technologies, we can help you select and setup the right solution for your business. Instead of having to hire one company to provide music for the visitor lobby and another one to handle overhead paging or conference room audio, you get one central partner with ETI. We’ve worked with business large and small from a variety of industries, each with their own specific requirements.

One area we’ve focused on is quality sound-masking solutions for the business setting. With the right setup, you can conduct quiet and focused meetings behind closed doors, without the outside noises getting in, or your confidential conversation getting out. If your team works in an open office layout, our experts can design a sound system to improve speech security and reduce distractions. Instead of having your conversation ringing across the room and bouncing off the walls, you can finally enjoy a measure of privacy. You go from a loud, bustling environment to one conducive to productivity and focus. ETI is here to make that happen.

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