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February 5th, 2018 by admin

Surveillance Camera

Along with the technological improvements that we’ve seen for voice and data, the last 20 years have brought significant changes to security systems. With the new IP cameras that we offer, you can reach a new level of security for an affordable price. We recommend conducting a full assessment of your facility, to determine what kind of system you need and for what purpose.

For your exterior surveillance needs, we can offer IP cameras with features such as facial recognition, eye tracking, night time recognition, record on motion and 180-day storage capabilities. These can help you mitigate loss of product or investigate property damage that happens outside of normal business hours. You can feel safe at night, knowing a watchful eye is on your facility and recording any suspicious activity.

In addition to the security that exterior surveillance provides, we see many benefits to an internal surveillance system. You can better monitor the workplace, protecting staff and customers, as well as gain valuable training materials for employees and process improvements. Our cameras are of course easily integrated into your existing security system for added vigilance.

Take good care of your facility. Contact us for an appointment to discuss how we can best provide or upgrade your existing security system.
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