Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can't hear callers, but they can hear me. What should I do?

A. If on the handset of the deskset, have you tried swapping your handset and/or handset cord with a working handset and/or handset cord from someone else in the office? If you are on your headset, have you tried making the dial adjustments under the pop off door on the side? If you are speaking on your speaker phone, you may only have a single audio path so you may not be able to speak simultaneously.

Q. My headset is no longer working and I heard a series of beeps before it went dead. Do I need to replace the batteries?

A. When the batteries are dying in a headset, it will warn you with a series of beeps. You should begin troubleshooting by replacing the batteries which are located in the base unit behind a pop off door on the side of the base unit.

Q. Can I change the names on the displays of my phones?

A. If you own a Telrad, Tadiran or Mitel system, an Enterprise Telephone technician site visit will be required to change the names. If you own a Samsung system, you can change the names as per the instructions in your administration guide.

Q. My phone no longer works. What should I do?

A. Have you tried checking all connections to verify plugged in? Is yours the only phone not working? If more than your single phone are not working, call our office. If your phone is the only non-working phone set, have you tried swapping the phone set with another working set in the office?

Q. My display is blank, but my phone still works. What should I do?

A. If you own a Telrad system, try adjusting the contrast of your display with the Lo/Hi key below the dial pad.

For any other questions regarding your ShoreTel Phone Systems, or any other ETI controlled service, please contact us today to speak with an ETI service technician.

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