Business Office Stuctured Cabling

Blue network cables plugged into server hardware

Your cable plant is the "roadway" of your business. It transports your enterprise data and communications to your customers, your partners, and your employees. A poorly designed or out-of-date cable network will lead to slow downs, or worse – completely stopped traffic. When your cable network is down your business is down, and you divert your focus from profitability to patch panels in your IT closet.

With 30 years of experience in engineering, installing, servicing, and troubleshooting ETI understands the dependencies of the data and voice equipment that uses your cable/fiber as its lifeline. We have expertise in new construction to renovations, from 5 cable drops to 1500, and from hotels to 250 year old historic houses. Our project expertise avoids costly design and installation flaws that delay the timeline, cause re-work and sub-standard performance. We use industry standards, we test and certify, and we guarantee that in years to come your cable plant will perform up to your demands.

Structured Cabling

"Structured" cabling simply means a system governed by established standards and specified installation procedures. Equipment manufactures comply with these same standards to ensure that their equipment functions properly on the physical cable plant. These standards permit architects, construction managers, building owners and tenants to reliably use the cable plant without having to know the specifics about brand names of wire, panels, jacks, faceplates, etc. ETI designs and maintains cable plants to meet EIA/TIA 568-C.0, 568-C.1, 568-C.2, and 568-C.3 standards.

Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber-optic cable permits much higher bandwidth and much longer transmission distance over copper cable. Think of it as a much bigger "pipe" through which your data moves. 10-Gigabit connectivity is quickly becoming the standard in new and upgraded LAN designs, and with the increased use of video, and video to the desktop, fiber to the desktop can be both a prevention to data backlog and a cost effective solution for your business. ETI's fiber engineers are experienced in single-mode, multi-mode, splicing, terminating, testing and certifying a fiber plant.

Sound / Security / Audio Visual

In addition to standard copper and fiber, ETI has 30 years' experience with wiring for paging, background music, sound masking, sound systems, security, and video. From hotel security systems and in-room entertainment systems to mega-church sound systems our engineers can design and install a wiring system to meet your needs.

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