Network Solutions

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Your business depends on your network so don't be penny wise and pound foolish by thinking "all network switches are the same" or "I don't need redundant power supplies and hard drive arrays". ETI designs your network to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and maximize the return of your business critical applications; and by monitoring your network 24/7/365 we fix a minor problem before it becomes a major headache for you. And most times you won't even be aware of the issue or the resolution letting you focus on growing your business and keeping customers happy.

Phone Systems

For 30 years ETI has designed and installed telephone systems for Charleston businesses – from an office with 3 phones to call centers with 500 agents. With today's mobile employees a "phone system" must give you unified communications and seamlessly integrate smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A missed call is missed business, and ETI can engineer a custom voice solution that gives your out-of-office workers the same capabilities as if they were behind a desk. And with SIP trunking our solution gives you immediate cost savings. Improved reliability, more features, and reduced cost – what's not to like?

Network Cybersecurity

Today Network Security is one of the top issues keeping CEO's awake at night. If your network is comprised you can lose your data, your customer's confidential information, your employees personal information, and open to you to legal action and loss of business. Your employee visiting a website may unwittingly download a Ransomware program that will infiltrate your network or a program that uses your network computing power to mine Bitcoins and you wonder why the network is so slow. Our solution protects not only your "inside the fence" equipment but also your employees' mobile devices, and separates your business from their personal information stored on company assets, and protects you before your network security is breached. Let us engineer a solution that gives you peace of mind.

What We Do


  • 24/7/365
  • Microsoft Updates
  • Patch Management
  • Storage Availability
  • Firewall
  • Network Switches / Routers


  • Click or call
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 - 24/7/365
  • Tier 3 as required
  • Certified Engineers


  • Network "Holes"
  • Current Infections
  • User Habits
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Growth & Upgrade