Sound / Security / Audio Visual

Security camera in a business and a woman on an escalator in the background

A great Audio Visual system, conference room installation, background music or paging system is hard to describe but you know it when you see or hear it. ETI has been designing and implementing Sound/Security/Visual solutions for over 20 years and delivers an installation that reinforces your message with confidence and complements your business with equipment that is robust yet efficient and easy to operate.


Whether you need one speaker in a lobby area or sound for a 300,000 sq ft warehouse we have the experience. From background music, safety and security paging/announcements, or a conference room requiring high fidelity for depositions and recordings we engineer a solution to make your message sound great.

Sound Masking & Privacy

One of the most overlooked management aspects of open office layouts is speech privacy (which is also the Number 1 driver of employee dissatisfaction). Providing speech security within an office environment is encouraged by HR Departments and often mandated (HIPAA, GLBA in the finance industry, FERPA in the educational environment, etc). Effective sound masking increases worker productivity, lowers the discontent factor, and protects your business.

Business Security & Surveillance Systems

A good Security System should do two things: protect your business from outside threats, and protect your business from inside threats. For example, the number 1 lawsuit issue facing doctors' offices today is slip/fall, which typically settle out of court to avoid bad press since most doctor offices do not have surveillance cameras on site. Today's technology allows facial recognition, eye-tracking, night-time recognition, record on motion, and storage up to 180 days. Personal Viewing Monitors have been proven to alter behavior after the subjects see themselves on screen. From apartment complexes to 5 star hotels ETI has engineered and provided security systems that maintain vigilance and provide deterrent.

Digital Conferencing & Video Conferencing

From Digital Signage to interlaced wall-sized monitor arrays ETI has the experience to visually display your company's message that results in added impact, and a strong long-lasting initial impression. High definition conferencing can cut your travel budget, improve employee productivity and attitude, and help brand your company. From the classroom to the church chapel ETI has engineered and installed audio/visual systems that provide clarity, captivate the audience, and deliver a strong message that resonates with your customers.

What We Do

The practices of Sound, Sound Masking, Security and Visual ALL depend on an efficient transportation pathway – your network. With ETI's 30 years of experience in cabling and network architecture we can ensure that your network provides the resources and bandwidth necessary to give you the audio and video clarity to expect and deserve.


  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Overhead Paging
  • Background Music
  • Bar / Restaurant Sound
  • Safety Notification


  • Closed Circuit
  • Personal Viewing Monitors
  • License Plate Recording
  • Facial Recognition


  • Boardrooms
  • Conference Facilities
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Digital Signage
  • Advertising
  • Content Delivery
  • Video Wall